Apple finally announces the iPhone 13 at a consumer event

Apple fans have been eagerly awaiting for the iPhone 13 to be announced but finally, it has been announced at apples yearly launch event which last year was spread out into 3 separate events when announcing separate products due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

iphone 13

With the iPhone 13 announced other versions were also announced alongside it with these being iPhone 13 mini,iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 13 pro max. The iPhone 13 and mini have been rearchitected inside the models with the new a15 chip with dual rear cameras, alongside a 12mp ultra-wide camera and numerous other technical features

The iPhone model prices are:

iPhone 13: £799

iPhone 13 mini: £699

iPhone 13 pro: £999

iPhone 13 pro max: £1099

Alongside the launch of all the iPhone 13 models, they will all include the brand new proMotion feature, which offers the user a variable refresh rate from 10hz to 120hz which will make scrolling through your phone smoother and less jittery. Also, sensory shift stabilization technology will return from the iPhone 12 pro model, this feature physically moves the camera sensors which would remove vibrations that would blur or distort videos and photos, alongside the return of night mode.

Other products were also announced at the event such as a new iPad which starts at £238, the iPad mini at £361 and the new apple watch series 7 which will be £288. The iPhone will have new colours on offer which will be starlight, midnight, blue, pink and product red and will launch on September 24th, Are you going to try your luck and get the new iPhone or are you ok with your current phone?