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Balliante Limited acknowledges that as a modern company in a modern industry, it has a responsibility to both its Clients and the local areas in which it trades, to consider the environment beyond what it is required to do so through its legal and regulatory requirements. The Company regularly reviews this policy, as it is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. By highlighting the environmental issue, the Company continually strives to improve its environmental performance through keeping it as an integral part of the business strategy and a key issue to focus on. By doing this, it keeps the environment at the forefront of the team’s minds and increases focus through regular review points.

The Company believes it plays its part by actively promoting environmental issues to its whole team, regardless of their role and strongly encourages their Clients, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same. At Balliante, no one person is responsible for ensuring that the environmental policy is implemented, as everyone has a responsibility in their area to ensure that the aims and objectives of the policy are met.

By setting policy aims, the Company endeavours to at least comply with, and tries to exceed all relevant regulatory requirements and continually monitor environmental performance to improve and reduce environmental impacts. Through incorporating environmental factors into business decisions and increasing employee awareness training, Balliante considers itself an environmentally conscious company.

The following categories are the key areas for the current focus points of Balliante:

• The Company is as paper-free as possible, utilising tablets, computers and mobile phones instead.
• When shipping products, packaging used is as minimal as possible.
• Where possible, recycled and recyclable paper products are the preferred purchase option.
• Teams are encouraged to reuse and recycle all note paper and similar products if it is viable.
• The option of hiring, renting or leasing is explored before purchasing new equipment.
• Discussions are held around the environmental impact of any new intended product purchases.
• Environmentally friendly products are favoured for purchase wherever possible.
• Internal teams are actively encouraged to reuse and recycle everything that is able to be recycled.
• Only licensed, appropriate organisations will be considered to dispose of waste in the correct way.
• Cleaning materials, and materials used in IT office refurbishments will be as environmentally friendly as possible.

• Where the Company supports a Client with regards to their IT systems, all remote support options will be explored first, restricting site visits to essential visits only.
• Efficient vehicles with a high ‘mpg’ rating are used by staff who drive for Company business, ensuring that they are maintained to ensure economy and staff are trained in ‘eco’ driving styles.
• Promoting and providing training on the use of travel alternatives such as e-mail, telephone and video conferencing, the Company can assist Clients while meeting its environmental targets.
• Flexible arrangements can be made for those attending meetings using public transport or bicycles.
• Energy usage is monitored to help with improvement, with internal teams encouraged to switch off lights, screens and other electrical equipment when not in use to save the amount of energy used.
• Products purchased for use either by the Company or for its Clients are reviewed for their energy consumption and efficiency, which will form part of the purchasing decision criteria.

• Where practical, the Company aims to use local businesses and resources to reduce its carbon footprint, while also helping the community.
• Balliante regularly give IT based environmental training to its staff and are happy to provide the same sessions to its Client’s, contractors and suppliers teams if desired.
• The Company will involve its teams and other stakeholders where necessary, in the implementation and reviews of this policy, for greater commitment and improved performance.
• Working with its Clients, contractors and suppliers, the Company aim to improve their environmental impacts and performance, as well as their carbon footprint.

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Giancarlo D - StarVPN

We have had a great experience with Balliante, great deals on dedicated servers and top notch customer service. Done a tremendous job servicing all of our needs, thank you!

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Johnny - Mantra Media

Balliante, is by far the finest I.T company I have ever had the privilege to work with. They are personable, caring and considerate. Characteristics that are very, very rare in I.T. They have become trusted partners and I wouldn't recommend any other I.T company at this point.

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Angeline - Navigation Wealth Management

I just want to say what a fantastic service Balliante provided, nothing was too much trouble. Really personable and very professional. Would recommend any day of the week

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Victoria - Touchpoints Marketing

We recently briefed Balliante to create us a new intranet. the team have been such a huge support for us as we transition through a big growth spurt, nothing has been too much trouble and every online session we’ve had has been fun.

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Martin - South Yorkshire Caravans

Sorted our IT out for us. Top service thanks so much guys really happy.

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Nigel - Illustrated Solutions

Really friendly and professional attitude. Approachable and excellent value services provided. Nothing is too much trouble. Very empathetic in simplifying technical issues which in an IT world is a very valuable attribute.

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