An increasing danger to security is bot malware

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You’d be excused for thinking of the great AI chatbots that have been all over the news recently if we mentioned “bots” in this context.

The news isn’t good, though. Bot malware is a concerning new security danger you need to protect your company from. Bots are just automated programmes.

Because they collect entire user profiles, or a complete snapshot of your ID and information, malware bots are very harmful. This would make it possible for online criminals to get around tough security methods like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

In most cases, even if a criminal obtains your login and password, they will still be unable to access your account because they lack access to your MFA authentication technique. Yet because they have access to your entire profile and can use your device’s settings and cookies to mislead security systems, they can effectively turn off MFA.

Once stolen, profile information can be purchased for as low as £5 on the dark web.

This method isn’t even being used by highly skilled cybercriminals. Your information is easily accessible, and anyone can use it for phishing emails, con games, and other illegal activities.

26.6 million usernames and passwords, which allowed access to accounts with Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, have been taken from 5 million people since 2018.

All of this means that there are steps you must do immediately to keep your profiles and company safe from bot infection.

  • Keep your antivirus programme up to date and running at all times.
  • To keep your login information secure, use Multi-Factor Authentication and a password manager.
  • Moreover, encrypt all of your files so that there won’t be much to steal if someone manages to access your profile.

These are the things that we regularly assist our clients with. Simply get in touch if we might be of assistance.