Easy Multi-Factor Authentication is made possible by Microsoft 365

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For many Office 365 users, Microsoft intends to make Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) available immediately in the Outlook app.

MFA is an essential tool to help safeguard your online accounts from hackers. Each time you log into an account, a new, one-time passcode is generated. Typically, it is delivered to an authenticator app on your phone, which you must first download and set up.

In addition to text message and phone calls, you may also receive a special USB key that you need to plug into your computer to receive security codes.

Microsoft 2 Factor Authentication

Using a biometric login, such your fingerprint or facial ID, can often speed up the procedure. Although it is a small inconvenience, the added security it provides justifies the few extra seconds it takes to access your account.

Yet, Microsoft isn’t so confident about those additional seconds. The tech behemoth will save you that time if it can. It is attempting to simplify MFA for Microsoft 365 corporate accounts because of this.

Authenticator Lite, a tool that integrates MFA straight into the Outlook app, is how the upgrade is being implemented. Up until now, it has relied on emailing login codes or using a different authenticator software.

For those of us who desire quicker authentication on our home PCs, there is currently no news. We’ll keep you informed of any developments if Microsoft does make plans to make this feature accessible to more hardware or operating systems.

We advise all organisations to deploy MFA as quickly as feasible if they haven’t previously done so for their apps and online accounts. The added security it provides offers defence against the great majority of current online threats.

For more help and advice about implementing MFA or getting the best from Microsoft 365, just get in touch.

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