Microsoft makes some intriguing Windows 12 predictions

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Windows 11 still feels like a brand-new toy, but (accurate) rumours regarding Windows 12’s impending release as early as next year have already surfaced. We are now just able to think about it!

How will it appear?

What changes will there be?

There might be new features.

These are still open questions, but there have been rumblings of new features that could be very significant for businesses.
We’re really enthusiastic about three.

The first—and most obvious—change is the addition of greater AI capabilities. Artificial intelligence has exploded recently, from automation to chatbots. It only makes natural that Microsoft would use this capability to create an operating system that is even more amazing.

Better AI content analysis is probably on the horizon, along with prompts to start projects or select productivity-enhancing apps. With better intuition for what we’ll do next, it will also enable us to move more quickly through our tasks.Windows 12 Concept

Microsoft is conscious of the need to enhance security and expedite the release of updates.

It’s feasible that things will be separated into several regions rather than the entire OS existing as a unified unit as it does at the moment. This enables increased security by giving different users access to distinct partitions while you continue to work and the background upgrading of various components.

Additionally, Microsoft wants to improve the modularity of the Windows 12 experience. The advantage of doing things this way is that more powerful devices will benefit from the full Windows experience, while less powerful devices will still be able to run the Edge browser, Office products, or web apps, for example.

We’re awaiting more news on whether some of these functions require specialised gear or more modern technology. You’ll be the first to know as soon as we learn anything!

Now is a good time to upgrade to Windows 11 if you haven’t already. Contact us if you require assistance or guidance.