Behind a Hack: Ransomware Attack

One of the biggest risk to businesses is hackers accessing your IT systems. There is so many automated tools that hackers use to target business and steal your data or even worse, hold your data to ransom.

Ransomware will gain access to your device and network via website URL or an attachment in an email and encrypt all your files so you can’t access it until you pay a Ransom fee. Imagine how critical this would be to your business if all of sudden you couldn’t open your important files. What would you do?

Here are just a few things you could be made a target of a Ransomware attach if your device is:

  • Has outdated software
  • Operating systems not being patched
  • No backup plan exists
  • Security software doesn’t exist or basic

We asked a certified ethical hacker to attempt to attach a computer and film it from the hacker side and the victims’ computer. You wouldn’t normally see this as it’s very rarely captured on video but this hacker managed to access within minutes.

In this video our hacker encrypts all of your data, until you pay a huge ransom fee to get it back. Watch how easy this is for the hacker: