Why Do I Need To Backup Office 365?

Trusting that Microsoft take care of it all is a key mistake many people make when it comes to Office 365. Why do you need to backup Office 365? This blog aims to explore the importance of backing up the software and the advantages this uses for your business.

Balliante prioritises Office 365 backups to ensure that your critical business data is backed up safely and securely.

Why Do I Need To Backup Office 365?

Sure, Microsoft takes care of quite a bit and is known for its customer service. However, their priority is not looking after your data, but instead maintaining a focus on Office 365’s infrastructure and the up-time of its users.

This then leads to the security of your data in your hands. This is where backing up Office 365 comes in. Without a backup of Office 365, this could leave you with damaging repercussions when it comes to the safety and security of your data.

Do not leave all the work to Microsoft!

There are a number of essential reasons that make backing up Office 365 essential.

Both Internal And External Security Threats

Security threats and data breaches don’t just come from external hackers. Several businesses experience data breach threats from the inside and often fall victim to threats posed by their employees.

It can be difficult to keep an eye on who has access to what data and unfortunately Microsoft has no way of knowing what user should be accessing what file. This is the same for external threats too.

Not all security threats are intentional, there have been some cases where serious threats have been unknowingly downloaded in infected files or credentials have been accidentally leaked. These threats can make their way into your business in several ways, through emails and attachments so backing up Office 365 means that unaffected copies of data are stored and can be recovered.

Microsoft Teams Data Structure

Microsoft Teams is gaining huge growth, specifically with the increase in remote working. This interface combines Office 365 services to provide real-time communication and collaboration for teams.

Data is pulled from many services and needs to be protected. As well as the setting and configurations of Teams itself. A backup solution means that the interconnections between applications stay secure.

How Does Switch My Server Backup Office 365?

Our user-friendly interface and features make our service the most complete Office 365 backup solution that automatically protects and restores data.

Working with Office 365 services such as Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams to name a few, we work with a powerful backup solution and retain data. The role-based access of the solution features a single panel dashboard including admin and user management options, meaning the right people access the right files, deterring the internal safety threats explored earlier.

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