Switch My Server Announce Launch of New Server Locations


With a mission to provide customers with the best maintained server hosting on offer, Switch My Server Limited are absolutely committed to meeting their expectations and giving customers an exceptional experience. In order to maintain the highest standards and make their superior server protection services available for more all around the world, they are launching new data centres across the world for unmanaged dedicated servers.

New Locations and Improved Service Delivery

New York City Metro, USA

The first of their new data centres locations is located in the heart of the United States. In these new locations, Switch My Server will be providing their services via The Big Apple, using the latest cutting-edge SSD hardware technology to host in the city. This data centre is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for efficiency, breathtaking speed, and constant twenty-four seven uptime.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Moving over to the west coast, Switch my Server are also launching in Los Angeles, California and offering the same high quality service to everyone. Regardless of the operating system you are using, you can choose from our wide range of features according to your needs and suitability. Our professional and experienced support technicians are always available to offer you the support and advice you need to get up and running with relative ease.

Buffalo, New York, USA

The east coast won’t be left out either, as Buffalo, New York will be part of this massive server launch. Where clients would prefer a location on the east coast of the United States, they can access our wide range of services just as well as the people all of our other data centre locations. No data centre is left behind, ensuring everyone is offered quality and secure servers and web hosting.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Switch My Server are coming to Canada! The new locations in Canada are located in Montreal, Quebec, and will of course be offering the same high quality hosting services tailored specifically to meet your needs. Customers also have access to suitable activation features and an excellent security system.

Auckland, New Zealand and Amsterdam, Netherlands

Efficiency transcends the United Kingdom, United States and Canada, and as a result, potential customers in Auckland, New Zealand and Amsterdam, Netherlands can rest assured that they will benefit from the same superior service, features and supports on offer. Quality assurance is absolute and global customer satisfaction remains a top priority for Switch My Server.

Commitment of Quality Service Is Assured

Switch My Server are not only operating new data centres around the world, they are also making giant improvements on the quality of the services that are provided, having introduced a new variety of features that will considerably improve overall functionality, security and template updates. Feedback and suggestions from customers mean so much, and is always utilised when improving the overall quality of services.

Among the new improvements to their services is an updated security profile. This update will ensure customers have even further protection against harmful attacks. Switch My Server have also created a wide range of new user-friendly templates that customers can choose from and customise to their desired taste. Furthermore, the company have updated their technologies all over their data centres across the world, which means that all customers get to enjoy increased speeds and seamless functionality.

Satisfaction And Growth Is the Topmost Priority

Switch My Server want to see their customer’s businesses grow and they thrive on seeing clients glow with satisfaction. The company are happy to hear from customers at all times and assure that they won’t rest on our oars as work continues in delivering top-notch services all over their data centres worldwide. If you’ll like to work with Switch My Server, do not hesitate to get in touch to learn more about the services on offer and how they can help clients globally with their IT business needs and web hosting desires.