Live Captions on Microsoft Teams

In a recent update, a new option has been added to Microsoft Teams that could help users working from home, where they can’t quite catch what someone said when on a conference meeting. Live Captions could resolve this very easily, allowing for uninterrupted meetings filled with people asking others to repeat.

In our current climate with most people working from home, not everyone is going to have the best internet connection. As a result, during meetings when people are speaking, connections can drop out and bits will not be heard by other users on the Teams meeting. With this new feature, users can now enable Live Captions on Microsoft Teams so it will display in real time what people say on screen in plain text as it’s spoken, and who said it.

Real Time Captions

Although Live Captions tends to be pretty accurate, if someone is speaking with a strong accent it may not capture it as accurately as you’d like. However this can be improved by speaking clearly and directly into the microphone. If your distance from the microphone decreases, the live captions will become less accurate. Individual users can enable this option when in a meeting by clicking on the 3 dots meeting control panel and selecting ‘Turn on Live Captions’.

Click 3 dots and then select ‘Turn on live captions’