IT in Lockdown?

Oh dear, it’s happened again!! Flashback to being 15 – we’ve been grounded – but this time, it’s by Boris again!

On a serious note, the team here at Switch My Server hopes everyone is safe and well during this pandemic. Any lockdown is stressful, but caring for your staff during this time is essential. Doing it right will leave a lasting positive impact on any employee, and earn your company the caring, forward thinking reputation that responds to our new tech savvy world.



That’s where we can help! Working from home is something that if done right, will increase productivity in any business. Staff in most cases work more effectively from home, because there’s less distractions and more work/life balance.

We can help you stay connected with your team wherever they are in the world. We can supply and set up equipment for you to supply to your teams, install software and ensure security criteria is met.

Microsoft Office 365 packages are a great way for you to manage your business both on and off the premises. Most people already know how to use Microsoft products (although we do also offer virtual training!), it’s secure and compatible with nearly all platforms. Plus, with new Microsoft Teams, working both collaboratively and remotely is a doddle because users can share and work on documents together, chat via the instant message tool, meet and chat via the meeting facility with both internal colleagues and any external customers your business may need to work with… all without leaving the house!

Now more than ever, we need to stay connected, meet with clients and stay safe. Let us help you to do it in the right way – get in touch today to see how we can help! Visit or call us on 01709 460333 for a chat.

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